Pick a Player Chat Special!

Pick a Player Chat Special

Looking to score some extra BBs? CyberBingo is offering you an exclusive Pick a Player chat special on Thursday, November 8th, from 8am-11am ET.  This special game will take place in our Classic Room and can only be played when a Host is present.

For this chat special there are certain rules and ways to play this game. We will go over this briefly but it is advised that you go on to the website for more details so that you don’t miss out on those BBs!

First of all, to play this game you have to be in chat as well. If you are playing and have won a bingo game you have to choose a player that you would like to receive BBs. This player must also be in chat! When you choose a player, pass this on to the host and you will both be granted BBs according to the bingo you won! To qualify for BBs the player that won the bingo game MUST have been in chat at the beginning of the game they won.

Interested? I’ll bet you are! For more information please visit our website.

Bonus rules apply.


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