Our Take £5K on Thursday

Just 2 more days and you will be going crazy for the number 5 with us, at CyberBingo!! So make sure you are ready to join the fun.

Our Take£5k promotion  will be played on Thursday October 11th at 8pm! Would you believe that you can walk out with an incredible £5555 in cash? We will be awarding 5 winning players with the following prizes for the 5 winning lines in just ONE, BIG GAME:

  •     FH: £3,000
  •     4L: £1500
  •     3L: £750
  •     2L: £200
  •     1L: £105

Go ahead to pre-order your 55p tickets and be one of our lucky winners for this outstanding bingo event! Remember that there is no need to be online to win, we will just credit your account with the winning prizes!

This bingo event is too big to be missed! Have a great day buddies :D.

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Gary Beal

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