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Such is the popularity of online bingo, the companies behind these huge brands are now clambering over themselves to entice you to sign up.  So much so that there are now specialist websites that analyse the best promotions available and rank them on their websites for all and sundry to see.  In fact if you type ‘best offers online bingo’ into the google search tool, you will be hard pressed to find where the results actually finish.  So what sort of promotions can you expect to see if you want to drip your toe in the online gaming industry?  Well, the answer is whatever you want really.  There are so many different types of promotions out there, that there will undoubtedly be something which suits your needs.


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CyberBingo lists its promotions as hourly bonus prizes, mega bingo (a networked bingo game offering massive guaranteed prizes every week), slots tournaments (free entry to play this type of online gaming activity). Bingo Day is offering free online games, a free cruise and grab a grand Wednesdays.  Bingo Ballrooms promotions are $500 holiday to win, guaranteed jackpot, flat screen TV.  Bingo Fabulous is offering a weekend prize (anything from coffee makers to spa treatments,) $1,000,000 jackpot and a flat screen TV.

Whilst there is no official data to confirm the biggest historical online bingo win, most of the sites offer life changing prizes for their players.  For example the amount of money that can be won on each site is equivalent to what someone earns in one year.  Multiple sites offer a $100,000 cash prize, which given that the initial outlay can be as little as $5, makes the return on investment seem extremely worthwhile.  After all, this amount of money could be used to pay off a mortgage, put children through school or even invest in future financial security.

With the depressing economic outlook at the moment looking unlikely to change in the near future, maybe its worth the small fee to have a go at winning these online bingo promotions.  After all the market is pretty saturated and with big companies offering huge rewards in exchange for your registration, it looks like the odds are actually in your favour to win.

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