Online Bingo No Deposit Bonus – Who is it that falls for such an offer?

Whoever it is that succumbs to the enticing strapline ‘online bingo no deposit bonus’ need not feel a fool as they are among very good company.  In fact recent studies have shown that there are now 100 million online bingo players worldwide.  The actual profile of today’s online bingo player is a far cry from the old ladies who gamble their weekly pensions at their local bingo hall.  The revolution of the industry to becoming an online facility has opened up the opportunity for every single person who has access to a computer worldwide.

The enticement of jackpots, promotions and prizes knows no boundaries with people of all

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different ages, races and preferences logging on to have a go.  The minimum age to sign up is 18 years old however people as old as 100 have been reported as players.  In fact online bingo now equates to 85% of the bingo industry.  The reason for its popularity is like everything else, consumers are time poor, therefore giving them the opportunity to log on and play from the comfort and security of their own home is too good to ignore.  The industry is no longer funded by pensions, but by wages of people from all walks of life.

If you drill down a little further into the statistics that are available, it becomes apparent that a shocking 80% of all online bingo players are infact females aged between 30 and 50 years old.  The additional 20% are men of the same age.  Most of these females are stay at home mums who lead the best of both worlds by interacting with fellow mums on the chat rooms whilst keeping an eye on their children.

There is another surprising demographic that have embraced the online bingo revolution, university undergraduates across the globe.  If you consider it in more depth however, it is a fun activity with few overheads, flexibility on times which can be managed around lectures and studies and it complements the increasing popularity of the ipad, the iphone and smart phones brilliantly.

If you have ever asked yourself who falls for such offers as online bingo no deposit bonus, now you know the answer.  It is a whole cross section of society across the entire globe, including those who consider themselves academically elite.  The presence of online bingo is ever increasing despite such economic uncertainty, which begs a perhaps altogether easier question of who isn’t succumbing to the offers of online bingo!

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