Online Bingo bigger than the Beatles

The Cyber Bingo Blogger is very pleased to see an upsurge in the popularity of Internet bingo.  You may think that bingo is a fairly modern game, but its origins have been traced back to 1530, Italy.
Since then, it has spread across Europe, and was once upon a time used to help German and French children learn maths.

The game then spread to North America, where a toy salesman heard someone yell ‘beano’ instead of ‘bingo’, as they played at a country fair.  Inspired by this, Edwin S Lowe, as his name was, went on to develop 6000 unique card combinations, and the game evolved into the modern form, which you see today.  Now, there are some 300 online UK bingo sites, and millions of people across the world kick off their shoes at the end of a long day and settle down with their eyes down.

If you’re an online bingo player, then you are part of one of the most popular phenomena to sweep the planet in recent years. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about it — Cyber Bingo are aiming to take online bingo global.  World domination is ours!

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