One day left for our Grand Event

I’ve been counting down the days left for CyberBingo’s sweetest 15 event ever, and it’s getting really close – Ah, just 1 day left for this great party!

The best part is that I don’t need to buy new clothes for the event… or freak out trying to find out what the perfect gift for Cyber would be! CyberBear Dauber said that he just wants to give, give, and give all throughout his years and he feels so happy to see all those players winning on his site.

In fact, this month CyberBingo is bringing up an extremely special event – tomorrow, Saturday, May 28th, a $100,000 Coverall minimum $15,000 Game  will be played in the Tourney Room. This wonderful celebration starts at 8PM ET with three $1,000 Guaranteed Games. Our $100K Game will then play at 11 PM ET.

We’re going to miss you real much if you can’t make it, however, you can still participate by pre-ordering your cards from our Game Lobby. Your cards will be played automatically so you still get a chance to win this extraordinary prize! Enjoy!

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Gary Beal

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