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OMG! LOL! Have you heard that some of our favourite bingo abbreviations are getting in to the Oxford English dictionary? Bingo chat rooms are a fantastic place to pick up the latest lingo, but there are absolutely dozens of ones you might not have ever heard of. Here are a couple of the ones I use most often — remember new ones pop-up all the time, and I like to keep a note of them:

  AFK: Away from keyboard

  NP: No problem

  OMG: Oh My goodness

  BBS: Be back soon

  BTW: By the Way

  ROFL: Rolling on the Floor laughing

  GG: Good going/Good Game

  GL: Good Luck

  GLA: Good Luck All

  GLE: Good Luck everyone

  HB: Hurry Back

  WB: Welcome Back

  WTG: Way to Go

TY: Thank you


Next time you are in the Cyber Bingo chat room, crack a few of these cute little phrases out. And if you aren’t a member at Cyber Bingo yet, now is the perfect time to come and join the chat. Sign today for your £30 free bingo bonus and come play with us in the chat rooms. Internet bingo does not get much more fun. WTG!

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