Oh Happy Mondays!

Those who haven’t discovered the world of CyberBingo yet, may feel quite upset that the weekend is over, but for CyberBingo lovers… hmm, they actually look forward to Mondays!

At CyberBingo, a new Arcade & Casino Tournament starts every Monday, so apart from getting a chance of winning through several Arcade & Casino games including Video Poker, Slots and Blackjack, CyberBingo is also giving out additional prizes for all ten players who got the most aggregated winnings throughout the week.

Due to our incredible automated function, your favourite 75 Ball or 90 Ball Bingo games can be played automatically so in the meantime, you can still keep on playing some of our Arcade & Casino Games.

And if you haven’t registered yet, CyberBingo will also reward you with a huge 500% bonus when you deposit any amount. So get going and increase your winning opportunities. You only need to Spin or Deal. There you go, quite easy, eh?

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Gary Beal

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