Your second chance to win a $100K

If you couldn’t make it to our grand event last month, CyberBingo is giving you a second chance to win a massive $100,000 on Saturday, June 25th. We will start off with three $1K Games at 6PM ET in our Tourney Room. Our $100,000 Coverall minimum $15,000 Game will then play at 11PM.

Our three winners here below all won with last month’s $100K Game. Check out their comments and make sure you’ll join us this month, as this time, it could be you!

CyberBingo, you’ve done it again.  I am ecstatic! I was one of the $15,000 split, $100,000 bingo game…and the excitement never ends.  I’ve been playing on your site for about eight years and will continue to play.  I love playing bingo on and every time I win it’s just a new feeling of excitement!  I plan on using that money to finish fixing up my back yard.  Thanks Cyber Bingo for a fantastic evening of bingo… and I’ll continue to play J – JustShan

“On 05/28/11 there was a $15,000.00 jackpot and me and two other lucky bingo players split the pot with $5,000.00 each. This is this first time I ever won a large amount. I was so happy I did not care if I had to split it ,even though it would have been nice to have won it all. I have been playing on Cyberbingo for several years and I tried other sites but seem to always come back. The night I won I needed one number for which it seemed to be forever and when my card turned red I thought I was going to pass out, I was so happy. Thanks Cyberbingo !!!!” – Clark520

“I have been playing on Cyber Bingo for several years always wishing I was that lucky person who won on a special coverall. Well this time it was my turn. I got down to needing only one number I closed my eyes a silently begged to Bertha please, please Bertha make my card red.  When I heard bingo- I opened my eyes and oh my God it was me. My card was red. I ran into my bedroom where my husband was sleeping, I jumped on the bed jumping up and down telling him I just won. Then I started dancing around the house. I never thought it would happen to me. Of course I had to spam it all over facebook that I won. Winning 5000.00 was such a blessing. I decided to buy myself new front room furniture. So whenever someone comes over I am going to tell them my new furniture was compliments of Cyber Bingo. Thank you so much Cyber Bingo for having such exciting games for people like me to actually win. Don’t give up roomies your turn is right around the corner.” – Grandmakim


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