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The Cyber Bingo Blogger is very thankful for the wonderful world of technology. I have only just recently upgraded my Internet connection, and boy oh boy it has made a huge difference when I play Internet bingo. In the past, my games would stall and freeze, and occasionally go off altogether. How annoying! Thankfully, Cyber Bingo have made allowances for this and if your game goes off in the middle you can come straight back to it where you left off.

However, the new broadband in my house is making life absolutely wonderful, especially when it comes to playing slot games. Instead of jerky graphics it looks like I am really there in the casino and of course I can do all sorts of other exciting things on line like watch YouTube and movies. I cannot recommend highly enough upgrading your Internet and it has most definitely enhanced my Internet bingo playing experience.

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And I shall see you in the chat room with my shiny new broadband connection. There are no flies on me — oh no!

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Gary Beal

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