My poor laptop does not deserve this

The Cyber Bingo Blogger has just had to buy a brand-new laptop. Why? Because I give my poor computers a real bingo bashing when I play. I thump away at the keys if I’m close to awin, and it isn’t long before the poor thing is dropping to pieces and held together with Sellotape.

And that is how much I love to play Cyber Internet bingo. I really can not get enough of it. In fact, it is all I ever talk about! I love to introduce people to Cyber Bingo as well. When
they register, they get a £30 bonus when they deposit £10, and they soon discover that the world of 75 ball and 90 ball Internet bingo action at Cyber really can not be beaten. And it isn’t long before they become a bingo head like me!

So, I am sat talking to you now on my brand spanking new laptop and Cyber Bingo looks even better than before. Also, my games run smoother and look better because of the sparkly new screen. Well — a change is as good as a rest, they say, and I promise not to go quite so harshly on this poor computer. But I just get so carried away!

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Gary Beal

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