Mums the Word at Cyber Bingo

My dear old mum. She isn’t very familiar with the Internet — she can barely send an e-mail. She doesn’t know what any of the buttons do, and even tried talking into her mouse. I thought it was about time I showed her how to play Internet bingo, so I introduced her to Cyber. Well! She was over the moon. She couldn’t believe she got £1 free to try the site, and she was even more impressed with the 300% welcome bonus.

She fell in love with the chat moderators straight away, and they gave her a big warm welcome because it was her first time playing bingo. Within no time, she was typing away and gossiping in the chat room, making new friends and telling everybody about her hip replacement. She soon grasped the difference between 75 ball and 90 ball bingo, and even won a few quid. And, what’s more, because I referred her, I got a little bit of free bingo cash for the honour. Everybody is welcome Cyber Bingo no matter what their age, and it’s a brilliant way to make new friends. When you tell your parents and friends about it they won’t be able to thank you enough.

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Gary Beal

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