Much More Fun with Friends

Spreading the word about Cyber Bingo is always a good thing. After all, Internet bingo is much more fun when played with friends. Every time you refer a friend and they deposit, you get 5000 loyalty points, which is the equivalent of £5. Lots of lovely free bingo money! Here are a few tips and techniques for getting your friends to sign up:

.Work through your e-mail and mobile phone contacts and tell your friends how wonderful Internet bingo is.

. Entice them to join up to Cyber Bingo by telling them there is a £1 free trial plus £30 deposit bonus.

.Tell them that Cyber Bingo is the spiritual home of 75 ball and 90 ball Internet bingo.

.Tell them that there is a chat room, where roomies while away the hours gossiping and having fun.

.And best of all, tell them they could win a huge, life changing amount of cash for a tiny ticket price.

. Tell them they can win amazing prizes like a cruise to Alaska, and kitchen gadgets.

So many great reasons to play! Oh yes, Cyber Internet Bingo is always best with friends, so spread the good news and let’s meet the gang!

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Gary Beal

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