Meet the two first ladies of Cyber Bingo

Two very special chat hosts work at Cyber Bingo — and the Cyber Bingo Blogger is pleased to introduce them.  First of all, meet CM Lisa — she’s 35 years old, and lives in Blackpool.

Surprise, surprise, her hobbies include bingo — blatantly a girl after the Cyber Bingo Blogger’s own heart.  She loves reading and doing sport, and she’s a bit of whiz at the old crosswords too.

CM Sarah, also known as Saz, lives in the West Midlands with husband Andy and her daughter.  And somewhat unusually for a CM, Sarah plays bingo, bingo and more bingo.

This is what I love about the chat moderators at Cyber Bingo — they are all bingo obsessed.  Not only do they lead some of the best chat games in the world of Internet bingo, they are a highly knowledgeable bunch.

So if you ever get stuck playing again, or aren’t sure how to do something, ask the chat moderators, because they will help you straight away.  So, it’s time to go and meet these two lovely ladies of Cyber Bingo — and make sure you register today for your free £30 bingo bonus and to meet the gang.

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