Meet CyberBingo’s Elite Group of Winners

We’ve almost given away $1billion in prizes and we’re so looking forward to award players with more. Meet with our elite group of winners and join us today for your chance to win big. You will also get a 500% Welcome Bonus, which unlike several other sites, we’re giving it to you with NO wager requirements. That’s right, you can make a payout at any time you desire! Enjoy!

Deab143 ($10,000): OMG!!!!!! I won! I can’t even remember what number I needed. Cyber is the best!!!!! I had to go wake hubby up to make sure I was right. When my card turned red….have to admit I was selfish….and kept saying “ALONE”. When it showed it was just me, I starting yelling for hubby. I had to go wake him up. He’s still looking at the computer screen to make sure I’m not making it up. Was able to reach 2 of my children, they still don’t believe it. I don’t know if I was laughing or crying. All the kids said “NO WAY!!!!”. Cyber certainly made my weekend SOOOOOOO much better. Thank You Cyber!!!! You are the Best! And I am addicted. Everyone at work wants the web site.

filicheez ($15,000): BINGO!!!!!!! I was in shock to see my balance! I was not at the computer when I won because my baby woke up. WHAT A SURPRISE!!! I have never won anything this BIG in my life! Thank you CyberBingo for something that is truly going to be life changing! I can now pay off some debt and get to that higher road I need to be on in my life. Cheers to the BEST bingo site on the internet! I never thought it would happen to me. Keep playing and it can happen to you. Good luck everyone! GET THAT BINGO! Cordially, filicheez

hdangel77p ($16,320): I was playing the last few dollars i had, and was moving from room to room, when i looked at the screen i almost died, I couldn’t believe it said i won the pjp for $16,230.08. I started shaking and crying and saying OMG OMG is this real” This is definitely the best bingo site on the web and i will continue to play here. The people are great and the rooms are great and the payouts are absolutely wonderful. Thank you!!! You just changed my life!

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