Look at the pretty patterns

When you play at Cyber Bingo, you will have a choice of two different types of bingo. One is 75 ball bingo and the other is 90 ball Internet bingo. Personally, I absolutely love 75 ball. It is played on a 5 X 5 card with the middle square blanked out. You then have to bingo on the various patterns to win. It’s so much fun, and it is so creative and lively. Love it! Also, it has the added benefit of being quicker than 90 ball games as less numbers are called, meaning you can fit in more games for your money.

Come and discover the wonderful world of 75 ball bingo at the Cyber Internet Bingo today. Join now and we will miraculously turn your first £10 deposit into £30. But bingo isn’t all you will find at Cyber. You will also find Team Bingo, slots, super slots, video poker, loads of instant games and table games too. We have very well stocked casino, so if you fancy a spin on the roulette table or a game of blackjack, no need to dress up — just come and play and hopefully win big.

See you in the 75 ball hall!

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Gary Beal

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