Loads of Bling in our Diamond Room

Paris Hilton, Tyson Beckford, Will Smith and Fergie, come from different backgrounds. However, they all have one thing in common.. they have all been spotted several times wearing diamonds on the red carpet, and the reason is quite obvious. I mean, diamonds are luxurious, sparkling, and they actually make you feel amazing.

Nonetheless, it looks like they’re not the only ones who just love diamonds. Recently, there was a great demand from CyberBingo’s valued members who wished to stay longer in our precious Diamond Room, so we decided to keep our room open till 2AM ET.

From Sunday till Thursday, starting at 6PM ET, Cyberbingo is offering some real, shiny prizes to all those playing in the Diamond Room. A $15,000 Coverall minimum $150 will be played as Top of the Hour Game, whereas an amazing $25,000 coverall minimum $250 will be played as a Mid-hour Game. Other extravagant games will be played in between.

And wait, there’s more! Each game will be entertained by a fabulous Chat Host, which will organise some additional chat games to all roomies. That will lead you to enjoy more Bingo Bucks as well!

So make sure you’ll be spotted in CyberBingo‘s Diamond Room too because there’s some Bling-Bling waiting for you! See you in the chat rooms!

Diamond Room

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