Learn the Chat Lingo basics

In online bingo, a chat room is that place in which players can make new friends, gossip and chat with other roomies. Not to mention that chat games can also be played whilst playing bingo, hence increasing their chance of winning.

One of the main factors which make chat room more fun is the lingo used by players. It mainly consists of short acronyms of phrases which serve to speed up the conversation not to get bored writing chunks of paragraphs every time a message needs to be delivered. To help you get started, I’m posting the ones which are commonly used by roomies here below. Enjoy and I’ll see you in CyberBingo’s chat rooms!

A/S/L Age/Sex/Location
BBL Be Back Later
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
GL Good Luck
JK Just Kidding
IMO In my Opinion
TC Take Care
GM Good Morning
WTG Way to Go
 BRB Be Right Back
BTW By the Way
TY Thank You
WB Welcome Back
FYI For your Information
Cya See ya
GN Good Night

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