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At Cyber Bingo, honesty, security and transparency are three very important rules.  That’s why we have a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions on our website.  Many people ask who Cyber Bingo actually are — after all, if you’re new to the world of Internet bingo, chances are, you won’t have heard of it.  Cyber Bingo are one of the Internet’s largest online bingo halls — we incorporate the very latest software technology, and have been around since 1996.  Customer satisfaction remains our absolute number one priority.

Of course, if you’re new to the world of Internet bingo, you might be wondering how you play Cyber Bingo.  All of our games are newly developed using the latest Macromedia Flash technology.  To play Cyber Bingo, all you need is an Internet connection of 56K or better and the minimum of Internet Explorer 5.  You don’t need to download anything to play Cyber Bingo, as long as your computer has the minimum requirements.

Many people who join Cyber Bingo are surprised that it is not just online bingo they can play.  Join Cyber Bingo today, and you can play slots, keno, casino war, table poker roulette and much more.  I highly advise you set your main bingo games to automatic, and explore all of the delights at Cyber Bingo.  There are many more frequently asked questions answered for your delectation — be sure to check them out in the lobby next time you visit.

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