Keep the ankle biters occupied this summer

Oo ‘eck! It’s the school holidays! How are you coping? If you have a houseful of kids and don’t have time to play your favourite Internet bingo, here are a few ideas of how to keep them quiet : )

Make a scrapbook — fill it with photographs, notes, pictures, and clippings. What about pressed flowers, ticket stubs and even locks of hair? Brighten it up with colourful graphics, fabric and art work. Keep it and date it, for a truly wonderful summer souvenir.

Go out and find 10 type of wildflower — this is a brilliant way of getting the kids outside and interested in nature. Wild flowers grow in grass verges, in fields and even in gardens. They’re ever so pretty, but remember not to pick them!

Write a poem – you’d be surprised at how much fun this can be. Give them a topic, such as the circus, or a party and get them to write a few verses. Online rhyming dictionaries can be found to make it even easier.

I’ll be back soon with even more tips on how to keep the kids occupied, but for now, enjoy your favourite Cyber Bingo, and fingers crossed you win.

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Gary Beal

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