Joyous moments for a $10K winner

It’s so exciting to hear all about large sums of money being won, especially when they’re specifically your CyberBingo buddies. This is what my friend suzieq3 said when she won a massive $10,000 from CyberBingo.

Honey, I won $10,000! Is what I yelled to my husband. It was about 1130PM eastern time and we were laying in bed and I saw another player needed B8..B8..B8… then i said to my husband i need B3. The next ball was B3! I couldn’t believe it! Honey, I won, I won! He looked at the screen and said where. I showed him the balance line and sure enough there was over $10K sitting in there. The next morning, we were telling our sons about the win. This was my best win ever on Cyber! Thanks so much and to all the players who shared my joy!

Ah, let’s see who the next winner will now be. Don’t forget that Cyberbear Dauber wants to reach a $1bn worth of prizes by this year’s end, so try your luck yourself, you’ll never know when your special moment will come! Good luck! 😉

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Gary Beal

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