Jam Packed Weekend!!

Hello everyone! Did you enjoy our special games during all this festive season?

Besides that we have our New Year Video Slots Tourney going on, during this weekend we are going to play very very special bingo games that you cannot miss.. Every Bingo maniac at CyberBingo was waiting for this upcoming weekend.

Tomorrow, on New Year’s Eve we are playing our monthly Big game even bigger. We will be playing in our New Year Bingo Room 3 1,000 Guaranteed Games at 8.00, 9.00 and 10.00 PM ET. Now this is what you are waiting for, at 11 PM ET we are going to play our 100K Coverall Min 15k Game. 🙂

The fun ain’t stoping there this weekend! On New Year’s Day we are going to play a $2012 Guaranteed Game at 10PM ET in our New Year Bingo Room to celebrate the beginning or our New Year.

You can’t miss these games can’t you? Pre-order your tickets now and goodluck! Make sure you start 2012 in a fantastic way. Wishing you all the best!! Happy New Year.

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Gary Beal

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