It’s time for some 90 Ball Bingo

CyberBingo is aware that new bingo players sign up every day. As I introduced you to our 75 Ball bingo game earlier throughout our blog, I will now also help you play our traditional, European 90 Ball Bingo game.

Each 90 Ball Bingo ticket is made up of 3 rows and 9 columns, displaying only 5 numbers in each row. Tickets are grouped in 6 strips, each strip having a possible number from 1 to 90, distributed only once, across the whole ticket.

90 Ball Bingo provides you with 3 opportunities to win:

  • One Line Bingo – Simply mark off 1 horizontal line
  • Two Line Bingo – Mark off 2 horizontal lines
  • Full House – Hit the big time by matching the whole strip

Although the 90 Ball Bingo game is simpler and slower than the 75 Ball version, it certainly isn’t any less exciting. Have Fun!

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Gary Beal

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