Its Picnic Time with Cyber Bingo

Guess what the Cyber Bingo Blogger is doing this weekend? I’m going on a picnic and I’m taking the kids with me. There is good weather forecast, so I’ve got my chequered blanket, cute little hamper and a brolly ready just in case.

If you are thinking of having a picnic this weekend, here are some things to help you on your way:

Pack plenty of healthy snacks. Ditch the cheese and chocolate for healthy alternatives like houmous and yoghurt.

Make sure you put a few ice packs in the basket, after all, you wouldn’t want your food getting warm.

Takes insect repellent — it’s getting to that time of year where wasps are active.

Take games and toys. How about a frisbee, a ball, or a badminton set?

Make sure you pack suntan lotion — young skin can burn easily and mums should take care too — after all, the sun causes wrinkles!

Tire the kids out by running them around and when you come home, you can tuck them in bed knowing you’ve had a wholesome day out. And then, get downstairs and enjoy your favourite Internet bingo at Cyber. And, don’t forget to tell us roomies about your lovely day out!

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Gary Beal

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