Its one of those things that is better with friends

Everything is better with friends! Partying, shopping, going out for meals … and especially playing Internet bingo. I have a large circle of friends, and over the past few years, I have introduced to them all the wonders of Cyber Bingo. Having your friends play in the same chat room as you is a wonderful (and cheap, lol) way to stay in touch with your best buddies and of course, you can share with them victories, and highs and lows you get when you play Internet bingo. But, there is an added incentive for you to tell your friends about Cyber Bingo.

For every friend you refer who deposits a certain amount, Cyber Bingo will give you 5000 loyalty points FREE. It’s a huge amount, and don’t forget those free bingo points lead to real cash bingo wins! Simple as that.

There are plenty of reasons for your friends to join Cyber Bingo, one of them being the enormous £30 bonus they get when they register, plus the opportunity to win huge amounts of cash. Get spreading the word of Cyber Bingo, get earning those free bingo bonuses, and get populating the chat room with your best friends. The more the merrier, after all!

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Gary Beal

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