It’s no fun when your games run slow

Sometimes, the Cyber Bingo Blogger realises that some of the games at Cyber Bingo don’t play as smoothly as they should.  This can be down to a dicky computer, or a slow Internet connection.

However, help is at hand to improve the performance of your games.
For instance, if you minimise the number of internet bingo games you have open at any one time, this could help.  Also, the more rooms you have open, the more of your computer resources you draw upon. Having multiple chat rooms open at any one time can also slow your computer down.  It’s a shame to close down the windows on your favourite chat rooms, but sometimes it is necessary.

Some players at Cyber Bingo experience a chat lag when multiple cards are displayed.  If you zoom into displayed default number of tickets, this could help the problem.

If you have any other windows open on your computer, the Cyber Bingo Blogger advises you close them too.  And, if you follow these simple tips, your game of Cyber Bingo should play as smooth and sweet as ever before.

Either that, or it’s time for a new laptop — and here’s hoping you win a life changing amount at Cyber Bingo, to help you purchase one!

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