Its covered if it goes belly up

Oh no! Have you ever had your computer die on you while you
are in the middle of a bingo game? Shock horror! But don’t worry if this
happens to you at Cyber Bingo, you are always in the game once you have bought
your card, regardless of your connection status.


That is because the game outcome is generated at the servers
of Cyber Internet bingo, and if one of the cards you have bought is a winner,
then you get to win. Even if you get disconnected, you can still win, so make
sure you check your transactions in the members’ area to see if you have won a


Unfortunately, you can’t keep the same card numbers from
game to game. We have to randomly generate cards to keep the game fair and
square. If you don’t like the numbers, then click the GET NEW CARDS Button for
fresh numbers.


Come and join the fun at Cyber Bingo today, and discover
just how well we run our Internet bingo operation. There is a £30 free bingo
bonus waiting for you when you register, a wonderful world of 75 ball and 90
ball bingo, loads of side games, and of course, the very best bingo technology
in the business.

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Gary Beal

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