It’s 12.12.12

12.12.12 is a strange day one must say. We are living a special day that will need another 100 of years to be re-lived, that would be in 2112!

It’s the 367th day of the year (we’re in a leap year) with just 19 days remaining to end another fantastic year. A number of events are to be held tonight, on this special day. Also, I heard about a number of weddings as well; and it’s almost impossible to forget your anniversary :D.

Whatever your plans are, make sure that you are up to something special, that you will not forget. Everyone will be looking forward to mark this special date with a special event, and so should you.

And by the way, I posted this blog post at 12.12 as well :D! Go and check it if you’d like :D. Take care and see you around in our bingo rooms at CyberBingo..

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Gary Beal

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