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My poor old grandmother. She can’t get out of the house like she used to, and up until very recently, she used to feel lonely. And then …I had a brainwave! I introduced her to the wonderful world of Internet bingo at Cyber! She hadn’t played Internet bingo before, in fact she had barely used a computer.

I went over to her house a few weeks ago, showed her how to switch it on, how to do the basics, and then of course, how to play Cyber Bingo.

Well, she picked it up in no time. It was just like the bingo she used to play at the seaside except the jackpots were bigger and she didn’t have to sit on a draughty old pier. Any time she got stuck she could ask the chat moderators and she was soon gossiping away in the chat rooms like an old professional.

You see, this is what I love about Internet bingo. It caters for everybody, no matter what age they are or background they are from. It’s easy to get to grips with, and help is on hand around the clock to assist you should you get stuck. If you know anybody who could benefit from learning how to play Internet bingo, then introduce them to Cyber Bingo as soon as you can. It’s a whole wonderful world of friendship and winning, and everybody is
welcome in our chat rooms. See you there!

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Gary Beal

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