Internet Bingo Member Wins $10,000

Internet Bingo Member Wins $10,000

It really feels so great to see many joyful online players winning and having fun on CyberBingo. Last month, our lucky online players, bingogoof, won a huge $10,thousand in cash when participating in our massize $50,000 Coverall minimum $10,000 game:

Online Bingo Winner“Hello everyone from Bingogoof, Thank you CyberBingo for my 10,000 dollar win. I love playing at your site because it is the fairest of any site I have been to and the CMs are great each and every one of them. I play every chance I get day or night. They make it fun and make it so we want to come back. Playing here for about 9 years and have won many of times but never this amount was so happy to see that card turn red. I dont know who was more excited me or Lori. You have a fantastic team here even live help are very nice. I have already made plans to go back to Australia for my friends 50th birthday party which I wasnt sure I could attend so I thank you CyberBingo for making mine and my friends very happy (in fact my friend from Australia plays at sister site BingoFest and is Redpaint). Right after I won I called her to tell her the good news. I have made many of friends on your site and have made a trip to Australia that I never would have if not for finding friends on your site. Well done CyberBingo keep up the good work and many more years of fun and excitement for all your players. Thanking you again. Bingogoof (as everyone knows the chat room nut)”

Whilst congratulating bingogoof for his big win, we gladly announce that the $50,000 Coverall Minimum $10,000 Game will be coming up one more time! Join us this Sat, June 23rd and enjoy our own $1,000 Guaranteed Games as Top of the Hour online games from 8PM ET onwards, in our Tourney Room. At 11PM ET, we’ll then play our great $50,000 Coverall minimum $10,000 Game.

Should you can’t make it on that day, make sure you pre-order the cards from the Bingo Games Lobby, not to miss out on Cyber Bingo’s Massive Event. All winning cash will be immediately credited in your account should your pre-ordered cards Bingo within a game.

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Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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