Idle chitchat never paid so well

The Cyber Bingo Blogger really can’t get enough of all of the exciting ways that you can win bonus points at Cyber Bingo.
For instance, check this one out — it’s called Lucky Charms.

All you have to do is pick three numbers that end in the same number between 1-90.  For instance, 24, 54, and 64. Geddit?

If the Cyber Bingo caller calls out at least one of your numbers within the first 10 balls of the game, you will be a Cyber Bingo winner.

Match one of the balls to win 1BB.  Match two to win 2BBz and match free to win 3BBz.

Another hugely popular game at Cyber Bingo is Red Light/Green light.
Here, you need to pick a number between 16 and 30 (red ball) and one number between 46 and 60 (green ball)

If one of these numbers is called within your first 10 balls, you will be a winner.  Once again, there are plenty of bonus points up for grabs here — oh yes, Cyber Bingo really know the meaning of imaginative, fun and profitable chat games.

Now, if you don’t mind, the Cyber Bingo Blogger will see you in the chat rooms.  After all, it is where all the action takes place!

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