I Spy with my Little Eye…

…something beginning with B (I’m gonna be generous and give you several hints 😛 it has 4 words: B___ F___ R___ R___)

So…this thing is just perfect for all those players who never played Bingo before and would like to experience the thrill of that one game everybody’s talking about.

Hmm…it is available every day from 4 PM ET onwards and from 12PM ET during weekends. There’s no dress code… you can attend wearing a pretty Gala dress or just pyjamas! (I suggest that you attend in something comfortable so that you can put your legs up on your desk and get comfy… or jump around and do some booty shakin’ if you’re that person to win real cash! :-P)

One last hint? …through this thing, players will also be able to enjoy the vibe that goes on in CyberBingo’s chat rooms – i.e. make new friends, chat with old buddies and win additional BBs!

Aahh at last! It’s our Bingo Free Roll Room of course! Come and join this Huge Free Bingo event every day, for a chance to win real prizes! Cya 😉

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Gary Beal

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