I love the smell of free bingo in the evening

The Cyber Bingo Blogger can smell a free bingo deal at 300 paces. And I am pleased to announce Cyber Bingo have added even more free bingo to their lineup. If you love to play free Internet bingo as well, you are absolutely going to love the Freebie Frenzy. This takes place every day at 19:00 hours between now and June 15. Play free bingo every evening for your chance to win £200. But, that isn’t all. All Frenzy winners get a chance to enter a raffle where you could be winning 50 free tickets to a £3000 Summer Sizzler game. Don’t you just love it?

Free bingo is amazing at the best of times but when you can win tickets for a huge £3000 game, well, it barely beggars belief.

If you aren’t a member at Cyber Internet bingo yet, join right now! You not only get a £30 free bingo bonus but access to a wonderful winning world of 75 ball and 90 ball bingo. There are slots, casino games and lots more exciting distractions, not to mention chat games and brilliant Cyber Bingo roomies who can’t wait to be your friend. Come play the best free bingo there is right now.

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Gary Beal

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