I like it best in the evening

What’s your favourite time to play bingo, bingo lovers?  The Cyber Bingo Blogger loves to play in the evening.  There’s nothing like getting the kids off to bed, washing up the tea dishes, flopping down on the sofa with the TV on, and Cyber Bingo on my laptop.

And there’s a very good reason why I enjoy playing in the evening, and that’s the guaranteed £50 games.  Ears pricked up yet?  They should be
— these are three three-part games, which pay out £50 per part in the Classic Room.  Tickets only cost £1, so snap up as many as you can.
And then, after that, there’s a £2500 full house, with a minimum £50 at only 35P per card.

These games go on until midnight — only one piece of advice — don’t get too excited, or you will never sleep!  If you want to become of the Cyber Bingo internet bingo community, register today.  We offer one of the most generous bonuses in the world of Internet bingo – sign today to receive £30 free when you deposit £10.

At Cyber Bingo, you will find a huge variety of brilliant 75 ball and 90 ball bingo, plus loads of slots as well.  Join me and the gang every evening too, and hopefully, you will be another big Cyber winner.

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