How to Get Them to Eat Their Greens

It’s an eternal problem. The Cyber Bingo Blogger has three kids, and they won’t eat their greens! So, I have been doing a little study to try and find out what to do when kids won’t munch their vegetables.

Hide them in the food — get a blender, whiz up the vegetables, and disguise them in their mashed potatoes. They won’t have a clue! Try serving veg first and leaving the chicken and pasta until later. Show them how much you are enjoying your broccoli — it’s easy to fool them into thinking it’s delicious. Well, it is! But if only they knew that. Reward them — scientific studies have shown that children who are given a tangible reward such as a sticker, learn to enjoy their greens more than children who are not given a reward.

And hey presto, no more battles at the dinner table! I can now get them fed and watered much quicker, leaving me more time to play my beloved Internet bingo at Cyber. It’s the perfect way to wind down at the end of a long day – register at Cyber Bingo today for your free £1 no deposit bonus plus your £30 free. But, you can only play once you have eaten your greens!

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Gary Beal

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