How have we got from the Bingo Hall to Bingo Online Free Cash Games?

For most of us born before the 1990s, we probably associate bingo with old church halls, derelict bingo halls or community centres littered sparsely with the white haired generated guarding their table territorially.  How then have we got from this image to an annual pay-out of billions of dollars per year globally to bingo players?ow Ho  The answer isn’t rocket science, in fact its pretty simple really.  The industry realised that the white haired generation would find it increasingly difficult to make the journey between their comfortable, warm homes to the bingo hall, therefore Bingo Online Free Cash games were born.

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Like most businesses capitalising from the .com revelation, the bingo industry realised the potential of offering their games online.  Firstly, it could operate a 24/ 7 operation keeping customer and bank managers alike very happy.  In addition to this, customers would have to complete a registration page capturing all their personal details including name, age, gender, home address etc enabling the facilitator to build individual profiles of all of their customers.  This not only demolished the stereo type of the white haired bingo player, but would become a marketers dream enabling promotion and advertising campaigns to be more sophisticated and aimed bespoke to individual customers.

Since online bingo was launched in 1996, the industry has taken on a life of its own.  Most of us learnt to play bingo in our early school years which has obviously left an impact as now the profile of a bingo player is aged between 18 and 49, mostly female and geographically vast.  Anyone can sign up providing they have a computer connected to the internet that either allows a download of free software or facilitates the use of Javascript or Adobe Flash.  If a player wants to win big, they must be prepared to fund an account, however for those novices or perhaps more cautious, free online bingo games are available, the only sacrifice is that the prize money is somewhat smaller.

The bingo industry has now wizened up to who their consumer is and what they want and has consequently introduced the ‘chat rooms.’  Whilst historically talking during bingo games at the bingo hall was prohibited, now online bingo players are actively encouraged to interact with each other.  This is a clever move on the part of the online bingo industry given that the largest sector of the market are females, especially housewives, that of course enjoy a good chat.  Providing a platform for this in the form of a chat room has created a sense of community where members congratulate each other on winnings, welcoming players and generally creating a friendly and communal atmosphere in the c hat room.

So to answer the question  how have we got from the Bingo Hall to Bingo Online Free Cash Games, it seems that good old fashioned community values and gaming camaraderie combined with the digital era that is upon us, has modernised the bingo game and taken it to a whole new cyber level.

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