HOORAY for the red card!

CyberBingo would like to thank you all for participating in our $50K Guaranteed min. $10k game last Saturday, which was a huge success. They say that the more the merrier… which is actually sooo true! Thanks again CyberBingo players because you sure where part of such excitement and entertainment going on in our Tourney Room. We also congratulate our $10,000 winner, alias: im2lucky, which is still surprised with this massive award:

“Wow, and to think I almost didn’t buy cards for the 50k game on April 30, 2011! On a last minute whim I decided to take advantage of the incredible 300% bonus match. I had taken the cash in my account to the video poker machines and had won a few hundred dollars and almost cashed that out without buying any cards for the big game. Instead I decided to buy in and purchased 66 cards. I was down to one to go and closed my eyes because I was too afraid to see if O65 would come in LOL!  I opened my eyes and my card was RED, I couldn’t believe it. Thanks Cyberbingo for offering this HUGE win!   – im2lucky”

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Gary Beal

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