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At CyberBingo, you can win our exclusive prizes when you hit one of our Progressive Jackpots! We have 2 different Progressive Jackpots which YOU can hit :D.

If you love 75-Ball Bingo games make sure you join the ongoing fun everyday in our ChatterBox Room and bingo the Diamonds are forever pattern within 34 calls or less! You will then be our lucky winner!

On the other hand, to bingo our 90-Ball Bingo Progressive Jackpot, you have to play in ALL our B90 rooms anytime and bingo the Full House within 40 calls or less. In the meantime, have a look at our Winners that have hit these jackpots before 😀 (I am sure that you would like to see your Alias next to a big winning prize.)

So, if you fancy a big win come over to play and win at CyberBingo. You will love some extra cash at this time of the year to spend your winnings on your Christmas gifts! Get ready to BINGO and win BIG!

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Gary Beal

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