Here is your gold VIP invitation to Cyber Bingo

Ready for a VIP invitation? Come and join the Cyber Bingo crew, the chat moderators, plus me for a £500 guaranteed game taking place every Saturday night. And, quite fittingly, it plays in the VIP Room. Tickets for this game are just £1 each, so for just a quid, you can win £500. It’s an exciting our full of games with starting games at £100, and crazy £250 free games. It’s certainly the biggest event on the Cyber Bingo schedule, and I would love you to join us.

If you aren’t a member at Cyber Bingo yet, it’s time you discovered Internet bingo at its best. Register today to take advantage of your £30 free bingo bonus when you deposit £10, and then come and join the fun. There is a whole world of 75 ball and 90 ball bingo for you to choose from, plus dozens of slots and video games.

In fact, here is a good tip for you — set your online bingo game to automatic while you play at Cyber and have a dabble on the slots games. This is going to increase your chances of winning tremendously, and it’s lots of fun at the same time.

Saturday nights will never be the same again — join us at Cyber Bingo now and prepare to meet your new friends

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Gary Beal

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