Happy homework time with Cyber Bingo

What were you like as a kid at school? Did you always do your homework? Or, did you leave it till the last minute and do it on the bus? Did you even bother to do it at all? Well, nowadays, homework is much more fun, and you can do it at Cyber Bingo. I’m talking about always checking the lobby before you play Internet bingo. That’s because it’s tempting to go straight through to play bingo without seeing what is going on, but in the bingo lobbies, you will find all of the promotions, FAQs, and information you need to know. And normally, most Internet bingo sites have special competitions and giveaways taking place. But, if you don’t know about them, you will miss them. So, it pays to do your homework first. For instance, Cyber regularly run deposit bonuses, but if you don’t check in the lobby, you will not know to take advantage of these and miss out on the good times. Who knows, you could also miss out on competitions to win a car, or free bingo cash — teacher says ALWAYS do your homework. Here’s your first bit of homework — register at Cyber Bingo today, spend £10, and we will top your account with an extra £30 free. See, that wasn’t too painful, was it?

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Gary Beal

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