Guy Fawkes Bingo Tourney

“Remember, remember! The Fifth of November…”

The Fifth of November, English Folk Verse (c.1870)

Here at CyberBingo we love celebrations, we love traditions and we absolutely love giving you exciting new games and tourneys to take part in!

Since we like to keep things traditional and to honor our UK players we are hosting our very own Guy Fawkes bonfire night! We have set up a delightful Guy Fawkes Bingo Tourney on Monday November 5th at 6PM ET until 10PM ET.

The tourney will take place in the Autumn Bingo Room. We will be playing Starting $50 Games and High or Low $150/$75 Games as well as a Mid Hour Special Starting at $250.

Bingo one of our Guy Fawkes related patterns and watch the sparks fly!

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X’s and O’s,

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Gary Beal

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