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Hello everyone!

Welcome to our fresh and new blog, for our not so new online bingo website! This year CyberBingo has reached its 15th year, and as we grow older, I keep on comparing it with a precious bottle of wine… the older, the better!

15th AnniversaryIn fact, we’re one of the oldest and most established online bingo sites, constantly improving our technological systems to make it more entertaining and secure as possible. That’s why my bingo buddies and I just love spending some time here… it’s like having a second home… in your own home!

Oh and by the way, Cyberbear Dauber just told me that $900m have already been awarded to players and he wants to reach a $1bn by this year very badly, so do not hesitate to join us and help us reach our target.

Don’t forget that my blog would be updated every day, so feel free to visit so you won’t miss any of our latest developments or promotions. See you

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