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Now — it’s not often the Cyber Bingo Blogger asks for a Christmas present, but right now, I feel compelled to.  So — how do you fancy doing Cyber Bingo a little favour? 

If you have ever played at Cyber Bingo, you will know that we offer the world’s best 75 ball and 90 ball bingo.  So how about this?  If you visit the Cyber Bingo Lobby, you will see our Cyber Bingo walk of fame.  This is where happy roomies upload 15-30 second videos of themselves talking about why they love Cyber Bingo.  And if you want to be part of our walk of fame,it is easy.  Just record yourself saying what you think is great about Cyber, upload it to Youtube and send me the link.

You can then get your 15 seconds of fame at Cyber Bingo — that’s a fair trade-off, isn’t it? And if you aren’t a member at Cyber Bingo yet, then you need to find out why so many dozens of our roomies have felt compelled to make videos.

Is it because Cyber Bingo offers the best 75 ball and 90 ball bingo around?  Is it the £30 free bingo bonus you get when you register?  Is it those notorious Cyber Bingo roomies and chat moderators?  Whatever it is, we seem to have a winning combination that keeps people coming back time after time.  Discover the magic of Cyber Internet Bingo for yourself and I look forward to receiving your video.

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