Get your 15 minutes of fame right here

Did you see me on Crimewatch the other night?  The Cyber Bingo Blogger was absolutely the star of the show, and I still keep getting recognised in the street.  Don’t worry — I didn’t rob an old lady’s handbag — occasionally, I do a bit of TV extra work, and I was helping out in a reconstruction.

There is an easier way to get your 15 minutes of fame — and that’s to join the Cyber Bingo Hall of fame.  Cyber Bingo want you to be the star, and tell the world why it is so great to play Internet bingo at Cyber.  To take part, just grab a camcorder or your phonecam, film a
15 to 30 second video of yourself talking about playing at Cyber Bingo, and post it on YouTube.  And then, send Cyber Bingo the link.

Dozens of elated Cyber Bingo players have already done this and there’s a good reason why — Cyber Bingo offers one of the best online bingo experiences in the world — after all, we have been around for many, many years.  We make thousands of happy winners every week and they can’t wait to tell everybody just how fantastic they find Cyber Bingo.

So cameras at the ready and get recording.  And look out for me soon
— I’ll be coming to your screens in an episode of Casualty.

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