Get to know CM Total from CyberBingo!

Q1: Tell us a little bit about you.

Hi, my name is Katherina Martindale, and I am 45 years old. I have a wonderful little girl of 6 years old. In my spare time I like to create machine embroidery designs.

Q2: How long have you been a Chat Host?

I have been a chat host since January 2005.

Q3: What do you like most about the job?

The roomies at CyberBingo are great, and the site is fantastic to work for. It gives me more time to be with my little one.

Q4: What is the funniest thing that has ever happened whilst you have been in a chat room?

I was typing away on day, and when I hit enter it showed in another language! No matter what I typed it was another language. Turns out my keyboard had a glitch. lol I had to reboot in order for it to go back to normal English.

Q5: What makes a good Chat Host?

Someone that is kind hearted, quick to answer questions, and makes the roomies feel like they are home.

Q6: Any other comments that you’d like to add about being a Chat Host?

I just would like to say Good Luck to all the bingo players out there, and may you feel like your bingo hall is your second home as the roomies do at CyberBingo!

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