Get the cameras rolling…and Action!

Everybody can be a star with CyberBingo’s Walk of Fame. All you need to do is to choose any device you prefer: a mobile, video camera, webcam, anything will do, and get your shoot going, describing some of your favourite moments at CyberBingo.

If you would like to share why do you love playing on, or add some magnificent online experiences such as a surprisingly great winning, you’re definitely free to do so.

Your friends and family will be watching, so don’t forget to take some time to send your love to all of them.

After your 15-20 second video is prepared, simply upload it on and send us the link. We will display your video on our website as soon as we receive it.

So get those cameras rolling and enjoy your few seconds of fame. Don’t forget to be prepared for some autograph requests as well 😛 See you at CyberBingo!

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Gary Beal

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