Get that champagne on ice

New Year is traditionally a time for time champagne, and you might want to get a few bottles on ice if you decide to play Cyber Bingo on New Year’s Eve.  The Cyber Bingo Blogger will be there along with all of the other Cyber Bingo roomies, and I can guarantee you, there is no better place to be.

That’s because Cyber Bingo have been around since 1996, and I know exactly how much fun our New Year parties are.  The countdown to New Year begins at 8 PM GMT in the New Year Bingo’s room.  The chat moderators are going to be giving giving away double bonus points in a chat special, and then at 11 PM, there is a fantastic £2010 full house game.  There’s a minimum of £210, and it’s the only way to say goodbye to 2010 — with style.  You can start prebuying your tickets right now — they only cost 35P, and are available in the Cyber Bingo lobby.

Become a member at, and you will pick up a £30 free bingo bonus when you deposit a tenner.  After that, you get access to the very best 75 ball and 90 ball bingo around.  So, is it a date on New Year’s Eve?  I am looking forward to it.  Let’s get some champers on ice.

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