Get Ready To Fund Your Account!

Willing to add funds to your CyberBingo account? This weekend is the time where you can do so and you will receive even bigger treats!

You can receive 300% in Bonuses during this weekend! Yeah that’s right, and I am not bluffing :D. All you need to do is to deposit 3 times on 3 different days during the weekend using different promo codes and you’ll get a total of 300% .

When depositing on Friday, use the promo code:SCARY. If you place a deposit on Saturday use our promo code SPOOKY whilst if you deposit on Sunday the promo code that you have to use is BOOO! Every promo code is valid for one deposit of at least £20 and will give you a 100% Bonus.

We are just going to give some extra treats before Halloween. Go ahead and claim them at CyberBingo! See you around :D..

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Gary Beal

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