Get potty about slots at Cyber Bingo

The Cyber Bingo Blogger realises that playing slot games can be daunting for the first time.  But, once you get the hang of them, they are fairly easy to play.  At Cyber Bingo, we have a huge variety, and they make an exciting addition to your Internet bingo day.
The slot reels are set in an initial position when you first look at them.  There is one payline, and one coin per line is the selected by default.  Then it comes to betting per line.  This button means you can change the number of coins you bet per line.  You can bet anywhere between 1 to 3 coins in the one line slots and from 1 up to 5 coins per line in the five line slots.  The more coins you play, the higher your payout will be.
Fancy doing a bit of highrolling?  Then hit the Max Bet button where you can then play the maximum coins for each line.
Each game has its own rules and intricacies, and the cool graphics and cute little sounds mean that you certainly come back for more.  You can play the online slots while you play bingo — the Cyber Bingo Blogger finds it the perfect way to multitask.
Register at today for your £30 free bingo bonus and to play the best in 75 ball and 90 ball bingo.  There is a whole world of slots waiting to be discovered — get there now to get spinning and winning.

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