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Have I got some interesting bingo trivia for you!  Use these gems of information to impress your friends in the chat room, and to learn more about your favourite numbers game.

Hold tight, because here they come:

  • Two out of three people play bingo for friendship as oppose to financial reasons.
  • Bingo is the most successful fund-raising game in the world.
  • Play 75 ball bingo, and there are over 6000 possible pattern combinations.
  • 20% of online bingo players are male.  Let’s have some more lads in the chat room!
  • Online bingo callers announce a new number at the speed of 23 a minute.
  • An average game of 90 ball bingo takes between 4 and 4 1/2 minutes.


Lots of exciting facts there, so why don’t you join Cyber Internet Bingo today and come and put them to use in our chat room.  Sign today to get a £30 free bingo bonus when you deposit £10, and access to the very best in 75 ball and 90 ball bingo.  Then, you can play the Cyber Bingo slots, big money jackpot games every day and get to know all of your new friends, who will most certainly be impressed with your fountain of Internet bingo knowledge.

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Gary Beal

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